How To Save On Viberzi

Viberzi (eluxadoline) is prescribed to treat the pain and discomfort related to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). IBS is a fairly common disease related to how the colon digests and processes food. IBS produces symptoms like muscle cramps, gas, bloating, diarrhea, and a general discomfort. Viberzi works by slowing the muscles of the colon, allowing more ease of digestion and desensitizing the nerves in the colon to stimulation.

There is currently no generic available for Viberzi, as it just received a patent in 2015. Viberzi is classified as a controlled pain medication and is very expensive. Uninsured patients can expect to pay as much as $1100 a month for 60 tablets. Even the insured have co-pays that begin to add up over time. There is no cure for IBS and patients may be prescribed Viberzi over an extended period.

Pharmacies offer discounts and accept coupons just like any other retail store would. Consumers can start finding cost relief by printing a free Viberzi discount card. Using these online comparison shopping tools will help you find the best price from a pharmacy near you. With a discount card, anyone can save from 10% to 70% on their total prescription costs.

Manufacturer Coupons for Viberzi

Allergan, the makers of Viberzi, offers a Viberzi Savings Program to help with the costs of this prescription. Patients can receive a 30-day supply of Viberzi for $0, and subsequent prescriptions might have co-pays reduced to as little as $30. Patients must apply online for this savings card.

Patients may also call Allergan if they have any additional questions about Viberzi discount offers. 1-800-678-1605

Patient Assistance Programs for Viberzi

Allergan has an assistance program to help low-income families and patients who are having difficulty paying for their prescriptions. Patients must go online and download an application form related to the specific drug for which they need assistance.

Manufacturer discount programs are unavailable to Medicare and Medicaid recipients; however, those on government health programs may still qualify for additional governmental assistance on the costs of their prescriptions. Patients can check out the SSA’s Extra Help Program online to see if they qualify.

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