Discounts And Coupons For Epipen

Epipen (epinephrine injection) is prescribed to treat acute onset of allergic reaction (a life-threatening condition called anaphylaxis). Severe allergic reactions are caused by certain foods, bug bites, certain drugs, and other allergens. Epipen works be reversing the body’s complex reaction to allergens, often bringing immediate relief. Patients must then seek emergency medical care. Epipens are life-saving devices for many.

Epipens have been in the news lately, at the center of a Congressional price-hiking scandal. Without insurance, patients can expect to pay as much as $600 for a pack of two Epipens. Even with insurance, co-pays can reach upwards of $300 or more. And because allergies are incurable, and Epipens have an expiration date, patients can expect to pay these prices over and over.

Not all pharmacies charge the same price for the same medications. Comparison shopping is the first line of defense for consumers wishing to save money. Using these online tools and an Epipen discount card, patients can find the lowest prices in their immediate area.

Manufacturer Coupons for Epipen

Mylan, the makers of Epipen, offers an Epipen Savings Card that can help patients save money on their prescription. Qualified patients can save up to $300 per Epipen two-pack, up to 6 different prescriptions for patients who like to have Epipens available at multiple locations.

Patient Assistance Programs for Epipen

Mylan has an additional program to help low income patients pay for their medications. Patients must fill out an application online to see if they qualify. Patients can also call Mylan Customer Relations directly for more information. 1-800-395-3376

Manufacturer discount programs are unavailable to Medicare and Medicaid recipients; however, those on government health programs may still qualify for additional governmental assistance on the costs of their prescriptions. The program provides for up to $4,000 worth of assistance over 12 months. Patients can check out the SSA’s Extra Help Program online to see if they qualify.

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