Humalog Savings Guide

Humalog is a type of fast-acting insulin that helps adults and children with type 2 diabetes to control their blood sugar levels. The drug comes in the form of a pen (KwikPen) loaded with either 100 or 200 units of insulin.

As with many diabetes medications, low blood sugar is common side effect. Extremely low blood sugar, also known as hypoglycemia, can lead to unconsciousness, seizures and death.

Humalog earned FDA approval in 1996, and so has a good record of helping people manage their diabetes. Proper diet and regular exercise are just as important in keeping symptoms in check and preventing the disease from progressing.

Manufacturer Prescription Savings Cards for Humalog

There are no generic versions of any prescription insulin medications. That means people with diabetes who take insulin replacement therapies like Humalog can expect to pay more than they would for many other drugs. The retail cost of a box of five pens (15mL) for cash-paying customers can be over $600.

Another option for saving money on Humalog is to compare pricing at your local pharmacies and download a free Humalog discount card. The printable card is accepted to most pharmacy chains across the country; it can even be combined with insurance and other discount offers. After finding an agreeable price, just print the card and take it to a local pharmacy.

Help for Medicare Beneficiaries

Even consumers with insurance may find themselves paying full retail price for Humalog, particularly if they’re in a high-deductible plan. Eli Lilly, the maker of Humalog and other diabetes medications, has therefore created a discount program to help reduce these costs. Discounts of up to 40% are available at national retail pharmacies.

Manufacturer discount programs are often unavailable to Medicare beneficiaries, and those with fixed incomes find it difficult to afford medications like Humalog. The federal government has stepped in with the Extra Help program to help make lifesaving medications more available. The program is worth an estimated $4,000 per year. The Social Security website includes all the forms needed to apply, along with additional information related to the program and how it works.

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