Strattera Coupons and Savings Guide

Strattera Coupons and Savings Guide

Strattera (atomoxetine) is prescribed to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). ADHD is a complex and mysterious illness related to the amount of neurotransmitters (chemicals that allow nerves to communicate) in the brain, as well as hyperactivity and impulse control. Strattera works by regulating certain neurotransmitters to help control the hyperactivity.

The FDA has only recently approved a generic version of Strattera, and it may not yet be widely available. Ask your doctor if this generic is right for your condition. For those who are uninsured and must take the brand name medicine, a 30-day supply can cost as much as $450. ADHD is incurable, so even patients with insurance will be forced to pay co-pays for a long period of time.

Printing off a free Strattera coupon is the first step in saving money on this prescription. While there, use the convenient comparison shopping tools to find the cheapest pharmacy in your area; then simply take your prescription and the coupon with you.

Manufacturer Coupons for Strattera

Lilly, the maker of Strattera, provides and additional online coupon to help patients save on this prescription. Simply go online and print one off to begin using right away. Qualified patients may find their co-pays reduced to as little as $25 a month.

Patient Assistance Programs for Strattera

Lilly has established the Lilly Cares Program to help low-income and uninsured patients receive Lilly pharmaceutical products at little to no cost. Patients are encouraged to go online to get more information.

Manufacturer discount programs are unavailable to Medicare and Medicaid recipients; however, those on government health programs may still qualify for additional governmental assistance on the costs of their prescriptions. The program provides for up to $4,000 worth of assistance over 12 months. Patients can check out the SSA’s Extra Help Program online to see if they qualify.

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